US-Russia Relations: A Geopolitical Snippet

A Brief History

  • 2016 saw the start of another cold war, and for many experts, the reasons are traced back as early as 2013 to Edward Snowden, the man who exposed NSA’s global surveillance programs with cooperation from European Nations and telecommunication companies.


  • This bold step was followed by Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. The US did try to intervene by warning Russia in the form of a Naval Task force that they placed near Ukraine then. Nevertheless, Russia took what it wanted. This can be globally acknowledged as one of the major conquers of 21st century. The Ukraine Crisis burdened Russia with many sanctions by the US.


  • After recent security drills like the one that happened in October 2016 in which the entire civilian population of Moscow was asked to take shelter like they would in case of a nuclear attack and militarizing their Western borders, the relationship between US and Russia has only been deteriorating. As the Syrian war worsens, so does the rift between US and Russia.


Post US Presidential Elections

  • On announcement of poll results, Vladimir Putin didn’t waste a single second in wishing the new President Elect of the United States.  Russia is also rumoured to be behind cyber-attacks that weakened Hillary’s campaign. With tabloid headlines such as “Clinton will surround us with Nuclear missiles; Trump would recognize Crimea” flashing on the Election Day in Russia, the distrust widens.


  • However, Trump’s victory brings hope of a lesser power tussle owing to the fact that Trump is not inclined to pour out money into wars anymore (whether or not this extends to the export of arms and ammunition is another question!)


  • 160909_pol_trump-putin-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge2Trump already holds that by meddling between Iran and Iraq, Americans have not only destabilized the whole of Middle East but this entire campaign has costed them 2 trillion dollars with no gain. He has also signaled demilitarization of Afghanistan. His comment, “We don’t even know the people we are fighting for there (against Assad)” suggests his demilitarization plans of Syria as well.Trump’s comment that Russia’s annexation of the peninsula could be ‘looked at’ rings the bell of hope of mutual respect. It now remains to see which statements will materialize into action in the future.

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