5 things you should know about women (Chetan Bhagat style)

There is one thing to be said for Chetan Bhagat, bestselling author extraordinaire- he is honest. Be it in admitting that he doesn’t know much about feminism (which is true) to the fact that he sees nothing wrong in praising a lady’s dimples, the man is candid about what he does. And indeed, given his “extensive research”, he seems to have done what most people on Earth are struggling to do- he claims to have figured out women, or ‘One Indian Girl’ to be precise. So here are 5 things you should know about women and feminism according to Baba Chetan –

  1. Getting waxed is the most painful experience of female lives: Yes, you heard that right. Not labour, not period pain, but waxing.g-waxpain3.jpg
  2. No matter how successful or happy a woman is, she feels inferior when a woman physically more attractive walks into the room, irrespective of her other abilities.kendall-jenner-thinks-shes-better-than-kim-kardashian-ftr
  3. Women want to fly, but they also want a nest. Which always has to involve a man that she can come back to.stock-vector-cartoon-illustration-of-two-birds-in-nest-147549284.jpg
  4. Feminism is an unnecessary word. All we need is humanism, to treat males and females equally. Never mind that one group had a head-start of more than a hundred years- let’s have a fair race please.feminism-pinterest.jpg
  5. It doesn’t matter if you notice a woman’s looks and not her personality and intelligence. Just make sure your intent is correct. guyoglingwoman.jpg

Thoughts, ladies and gentlemen?


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