Like Waves, We Sway

Had it not been for troughs

We wouldn’t have felt the high crests;

And the world would have been boring and plain.

Had it not been for the dark nights

The sunny days would have been the normal;

And tell me who would have known how sunrises feel?


The warmth of a hug would have had no meaning

If it weren’t for the pain of separation.

The joy of riding downhill would have been a pain too

had we not known how it feels while ascending.


And tell me if success would have had any meaning,

if failures were nothing but a myth.

Or would appreciation ever boost you up

If you lived without getting acquainted to criticism?


Life, my dear love, is a wave

that goes up and crashes down

and remember you can’t fight against it

So just ride on along.


And Karma is the sea that it forms on

that ensures what goes around comes back around.





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