Five things you should know about Coorg

Coorg or Kodagu is more than coffee plantations, waterfalls, treks and hills. Discover the real Coorg here…

1. Scotland of India?

Like the verdant Scottish highlands, Coorg is mountainous, misty and cool. But this wasn’t the sole reason the British planters coined the moniker. Traditionally, both places have had clan based societies, where clans contested each other’s claim in diverse arenas to prove their supremacy.
Arms were an integral part of their attire; the Scots kept dirks (short daggers) while the people of Coorg carried peechekathis (carved daggers). Till date, the coffee estate owners possess pre-independence Greener rifles.
To this day, the clans wage wars against each other in HOCKEY. Different families are pitted against each other to prove their mettle.
Image result for coorg hockey
Family team match in progress

2. Kodagu style saree

Coorg style Saree
Recognizable from its front pallu tucked neatly over the shoulder or pinned with the help of a brooch and pleats pushed backwards, Coorgi women traditionally wear sarees in this manner.
It is believed that the great sage Agastya’s wife Cauvery transformed herself into a river to serve the people. The sage tried his best to persuade her and so did the women of Kodagu, letting their pallu fall in front to reverse her transformation.

3. Military traditions

Don’t be surprised if you are sitting somewhere in Coorg and you hear fervent discussions on national security. Coorg has a military history dating back to 326 BC when Alexander the great was defeatImage result for army officers from kodagued and many Greeks settled down here in these forests along the coastline. The Coorgis are a warrior race for they have been serving in militaries of Kadamba, Chola, Vijayanagar Dynasty, Hoysalas to the Britishers and finally the Indian Armed forces.
Retired officers talking of their young sons and daughters in the Navy, Army or Air force is not a rare occurrence. From the decorated Field Marshal General K M Kariappa to the many others still serving, this tall, well built and well- mannered race has been silently serving the nation since time immemorial.

4. Alcohol

Coorg is not only famous for coffee and chocolates but also homemade wines and its beverages.
Image result for coorg wines
Homemade Wine
No feast or ceremony in Coorg is considered complete unless liquor is served. Drinking is socially acceptable for both men and women. The wine is prepared from local fruits like chickoo, beetle nuts, orange plum, grapes etc.

5. Pork

Pigs were reared traditionally but due to change of administration,the culture died away post-independence. The love for pork, however,never did. Coorg exports most of its pig meat and various dishes made out of pork is also one of the reasons why Coorg is a haven for meat lovers.

So, when are you planning that trip?


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