My Secret Lover


Wraps me slowly in her warm cosy arms,
as I come home late, exhausted.
Waltzes with my soul and takes me to dreamland
When I can’t stay awake and retire for the day.
She is an angel, a gift from Gods, in my life,
She cuddles and rolls over me and never complains.
She’s a fire, a burning desire that keeps me fresh,
and patiently pacifies the turmoil of my mind as i crib.
Dark as coal yet glows like moon,
shimmers with stars on her dress.
She is a canvas of my mind,
a shelter for my new born ideas,
an exotic umbrella of Paradise.

As I fall into deep sleep,
She fondles my hair and sings a mute lullaby.
Then watches me endlessly as i snore and blabber;
giggles and kills all my demons as we lock our arms and thighs .
But as the Sun sets my room ablaze
I find her gone every morn.
I reach out for her as I stretch to hold
a little bit of her last minutes.
But she does this every time –
kisses on my temple and deserts me in the dawn
when the colour starts filling the world and my lawn.

So September the Eighteenth I decided to watch
excited and overwhelmed by the thought-
that, that night would not be about lying with her
but watching her bloom with time.
So I rushed to the terrace before she came
She slowly followed and conquered my world.
Like a blanket of love she lay on me with the same twinkling dress on.
And as the clock ticked by, she undressed and held me transfixed
showed me a supernova, the mother of Sun
then she took me to Venus, later showed me the rings.
In a nutshell, she made love with my soul.

Ever since then, I take time out for myself
and find an exotic place for us to spend some time in peace.
Be it at cliff side or creek; the woods or hill; the sea or beach;
I watch her make love with my mind and control me more.
She has been here before time, she will live on forever.
Miss. NIGHT is still young, will stay young forever.
Miss NIGHT is my love and my secret lover,
and is way calmer than other Misses of all times.



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