She raised the glass to her lips, sighing in pleasure as the faintly acrid tang of the drink hit first her tongue, then her throat. The bluish purple haze was surreal, as were the people dancing all around. She often looked at people as if through a looking glass, like they’re biological specimens, her friend had once said. Well, there are people who don’t find that weird, she smiled to herself.

“Another for the lady, and I’ll have the same” She heard a mellow voice next to her.

Speak of the devil.

“Why, thank you. But I don’t accept drinks from strangers.” She held his gaze. Brown mirrored brown, stirring souls with as much fervour as the bartender was mixing the liquids.

“Well, why don’t we remedy that? Is that an amethyst on your finger?”

“I thought it was polite to start with names. I’m Myra” She grinned.

“What’s in a name? I’d find you as beautiful, no matter what you were called. I call myself Leo.”

She smiled. “Yes, that is an amethyst. It is my birth stone. I like to call it my fate stone. It has led me the right way many a time, so I believe.”

“Well it must be someone special who gave it to you.” He winked.

“Yes. Unfortunately for you, I’m engaged.” She laughed.

“Unfortunately for me-aren’t you being rather presumptuous, Miss? Besides, you’re engaged. Not married.”

“Yes, engaged. Not married. Come, let’s dance.” She jumped up from her seat. He followed, in one fluid motion.

They both laughed out loud at the opening beats of the next song- the rawness of the guitar strings.

“That’s my favourite song” they echoed each other’s words.

“It’s a sign.” He attempted to put on a seductive expression.

“You wish.” She said, as they swayed.

“I do” He smiled.

“You remind me of a boy I met once, in a place like this. He wasn’t much like you. But he feels like you do.” Her brow furrowed.

“Maybe I am him. And he was me. Or he will be. Maybe you aren’t you either. Perhaps you are the girl I met once. The Universe is a sequence of maybes that I want to put an end to.”

“Let’s not think about that tonight.” She uttered softly and he agreed.

They were the last couple on the floor, still swaying softly as the last song began to play.

She noticed a trace of a tear in the corner of his eyes, and was unsurprised to find it answered in her own. She wiped them with care; they were too precious to escape.

“It was a pleasure being with you tonight, even if only for this night. You do understand, Leo and Myra won’t meet again.” He looked searchingly at her.

“Yes, Leo and Myra won’t. But then again we will, won’t we?” she smiled gently.

“You are beautiful. Even more so than the day that ring was put on your finger.” A trace of his lips on her forehead, and he was gone, leaving behind purplish darkness that glowed.



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